Helena Quinn
Senior Data and Technology Insight Adviser (United Kingdom)

Lucia is a fantastic coach. Her warmth and openness created a very safe space to explore my beliefs about and approaches to various aspects of my work and personal life. Although I am self-reflective and quite self-aware, she has helped me to discover things about myself that I couldn’t have realised otherwise. Certain things I thought about myself or my environment felt like they had been ‘unlocked’, or barriers removed to help me gain confidence in myself as a leader. She has also helped me to come up with structures to remind myself of the things I have learned during our time together, which have really stuck with me. I can’t recommend Lucia highly enough!

Brandy Jemczura
Executive Director (USA)

Lucia played an important role in my journey as a non-profit leader. She helped me gain increased awareness and shifted my perspective on challenges that I faced in my work. Through her coaching, I uncovered strengths within myself and that I hadn’t known existed! I learned to be both kind to myself and firm in the priorities I set for my life and work. I would highly recommend Lucia as a coach!

Gregory Benedikt
CFO & Co-founder (Texas, USA)

Lucia is a phenomenal coach and helped me find more calm and peace as I tackled the never-ending to-do list of starting a company. She is brilliant and kind, and I would highly recommend working with her if there’s an area of your life that you’d like to take to the next level.

Janelle Anderson
Life Coach (United States)

Lucia is an excellent coach! She masterfully opened the space in each session for me to explore and express the jumbled thoughts in my brain! I needed that space to sort it all out. Lucia helped me to clarify my next steps and to renew my motivation for writing my book and to grow my business. She listened deeply and reflected back to me what I said, asking me to dive even deeper into what was important to me. I have much more clarity now.

Thierry Lambourg
HR Director (France)

I loved my coaching sessions with Lucia, she is always positive, open and supportive. She really helps you to zoom in and focus on what you want, and is particularly good at helping to identify blocks that could get in the way of progress. She uses metaphors in a very clever way to help you think differently or to help make complicated topics easy to explain. Great questions, warm personality, listens well: all these things make it a pleasure to be coached by her.

Barbara Frodsham
Executive Coach (United Kingdom)

Lucia is warm and friendly and at the same time goal-focused and sharp.  She asks great and insightful questions that really help you to think.  She is also a fantastic listener. Lucia uses different ways to help you achieve your goal and is skilled at identifying personal blocks or traps. She was brilliant at finding out what has been stopping me and what has been getting in the way… and actually how I have been getting in my own way! Lucia’s coaching helped me to move my business forward, and also reminded me to focus on the successes I had achieved. Thank you Lucia!

Sam Allen
Life Coach (Switzerland)

Lucia is a present and passionate coach who clarifies the objectives of the coaching session very well. Her warmth shines through and she has a graceful power which really enhances the coaching session. Throughout our sessions together I have been able to explore where I want to go with my business in a supported and positive environment and I always felt like she kept me on track and in a productive place.

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