Melissa Nuwaysir
Life Coach (State of Washington)
I feel more in alignment with my authentic self

Lucia has an inner light and a tangible sense of joy that permeates her coaching.  Having little to do with what she does, it is simply who she is.  The effect is to bring the client a wonderful sense of possibility and lightness even when things can start to feel “heavy.”  She is warm, compassionate and easy to talk to.  Add to these personal qualities her astute insight and powerful questions and you have before you a powerful and effective coach.  Lucia helped me to remember things about myself that I’d forgotten and to stay on track when things felt rather unfocused.  She can take the most scattered, disconnected thoughts and energies and start to make sense of everything, which helped me to nail down tangible actions I could take.  I am grateful for her coaching.  It has helped me to feel more in alignment with my authentic self and to boost my confidence for the way forward.   I feel blessed to have met her and worked with her as a coach!

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