What is CTC?
Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach is a well known credential that proves your mastery of Agile Coaching at multi-team level.
We partner with you in several ways to help you navigate the application process with the support of a member of the CTC Review Team. You need support to go on this journey: you need a guide that can help you truly understand the questions and give you feedback on whether your coaching mindset is coming across in your application.

Why CTC?
CTC is an incredible learning journey that will teach you to master facilitation, coaching, mentoring and teaching and be able to distinguish when each stance is appropriate. This certification path will also give you a structure to grow your mindset, skills and tools to be effective when you are coaching teams within an organisation.

Who is this for?
This certification path is suitable for Agile Coaches with multi-team experience who hold an active CSP-SM or CSP-PO qualification with Scrum Alliance. Read more about Scrum Alliance CTC Requirements for this certification.

Mentoring program
We work with you in a 4 month competency building program to strengthen your facilitation, coaching, mentoring and teaching skills that are necessary to be an effective multi-team coach and achieve this ambitious qualification. More details about the program here.

Part 1 and part 2 review
We can review part 1 and 2 of your application to give you feedback ensuring you have understood the questions and you showing a coaching mindset in your application. This will maximise your chances to succeed and achieve this rewarding qualification.

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