What is CTC?

Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach is a well known credential that proves your mastery of Agile Coaching at multi-team level. It is an incredible learning journey that will teach you to master facilitation, coaching, mentoring and teaching, be able to distinguish when each stance is appropriate and boost your effectiveness as an Agile Coach. 

This certification path will also give you a structure to grow your mindset, skills and tools to bring incredible value when working with teams, leaders, and organisations.

This certification path is suitable for Agile Coaches with multi-team experience who hold an active CSP-SM or CSP-PO qualification with Scrum Alliance. Read more about Scrum Alliance CTC Requirements for this certification.

How can we help? 

We partner with you in several ways to help you navigate the application process with the support of a member of the CTC Review Team. You need support to go on this journey: you need a guide that can help you truly understand the questions and give you feedback on whether your coaching mindset is coming across in your application. 

We work with you in a 3-month competency-building program is aimed at strengthening facilitation, coaching, mentoring and teaching skills that are necessary to be an effective multi-team coach and achieve this ambitious qualification. 

The program is designed for Agile Coaches, Scrum Master and CTC candidates who want to take these skills to the next level and make a significant impact while coaching multiple teams. The aim of the program is to equip you with everything you need to achieve your CTC qualification. Your Mentor will be a member of the CTC Reviewers Team! 

FACILITATION COMPETENCY – We will work on improving the mindset of an Agile Facilitator. We will learn and practice advanced facilitation techniques, such as Liberating Structures, to design effective workshops for multi-team virtual or in person facilitation.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING COMPETENCY – We will deepen the knowledge of ICF core competencies and we will practice coaching with ICF Instructor feedback.

SYSTEMS COACHING COMPETENCY – We will discuss how to bring the right mindset in enterprises that are going through Agile Transformations and how coaching skills can be applied in these contexts. We will talk about Scaling, sustainability and Leadership coaching, leveraging Path to Coaching modules.

MENTORING COMPETENCY – We will practice mentoring conversations and understand how to develop individuals and teams in a mentoring relationship.

TEACHING COMPETENCY – We will learn teaching techniques to design and deliver engaging participant-centred training sessions. We will practice teaching topics at your choice.

CTC APPLICATION – We will go through the CTC application, understand the meaning of each question and clarify any doubts you might have.

You will earn 15 Scrum Alliance SEUs upon completion of this program.

We can also review part 1 and 2 of your application to give you feedback ensuring you have understood the questions and you showing a coaching mindset in your application. This will maximise your chances to succeed and achieve this rewarding qualification.

See our CTC offering: our programs start in September 2022!


What participants say about this program

"The CTC mentoring program by Lucia is an awesome learning experience. She is a very good listener, questioner, facilitator, mentor, trainer and coach.
Yes, all of the mentioned competencies you are going to sharpen with her while in this program. I joined the program with passed CTC part 1 and it helped me very much with working on part 2 of the application. The other aspect of the program is that you make new connections with people like you:
eager to learn and move on beyond the regular. And as always - being mentored in a group is always more value, fun and appreciation!
Join this program if you can, you won't regret it and it is worth it!!!"
Ivo Peksens
Agile Coach & CTC (Latvia)
"This mentoring program gave me tremendous value and can’t recommend it enough for people that want to go through CTC journey. Lucia is a wonderful mentor, very passionate about what she’s doing, very energetic and more important, she was adapting the topics and agenda based on group’s overall skills, competencies, our needs and speed. Lucia is very knowledgeable in what is required for CTC app, she is very patient in explaining very well what each section means and needs, coaching in getting the right answers from our experiences and giving feedback. A bonus value is the setup and collaboration that Lucia made possible between us. I met people going through the same journey, we learnt from each other and I found support and encouragement from people that I can now call my friends.."
Amalia Manoliu
Agile Coach (Romania)
"I highly recommend this CTC Mentoring Program. The path to become a guide level coach with the Scrum Alliance is challenging and this program will help you understand what it takes to get there, where you may have gaps, and how to submit a quality application. Lucia did an excellent job structuring our learning, supporting our work, and providing great feedback to help us succeed. Like any preparatory program, you will get out of this what you put into it."
Mark Spitzer
Agile Coach & CTC (Texas, USA)
"Lucia is a great coach, mentor and teacher. The CTC mentoring group provided me a path of understanding through my application process, where I got support from Lucia and others who had attended the sessions. It ran at a pace where I was able to go away and work on parts of my application and come back to the group with questions and support for what to do next. The mentoring group is very valuable for someone either thinking about applying for their CTC or someone who is part way through it and either stuck or struggling to motivate themselves to complete it."
Thomas Roberts
Agile Coach (United Kingdom)
"Lucia is an amazing instructor and mentor. I attended the CTC mentoring program facilitated by Lucia and it was an eye opener for me. The mentoring program helped me to realize where I am in terms of preparation. It also helped me to understand the depth, subject and focus areas of the CTC certification process. The topics discussed also helped me to scale my knowledge and skills to the next level. Lucia offers great resources throughout the class to grow your skills. By the end of the mentoring program, I am with immense confidence, understanding of the CTC application process and the need to focus on learning opportunities. Lucia went above & beyond my expectations in what a CTC mentoring course could offer. Thank you Lucia! :)"
Manohar Jakkireddy
Agile Coach (USA)
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