Course description
During this coaching program participants will fully understand the essence of professional coaching and the mindset and skills required to be an effective coach. They will learn to create a partnership with a client and be thinking partners to empower them in their growth and development towards increased balance, fulfilment, and performance. They will experience how coaching can unlock people’s potential at work as well as in many contexts in our lives.

Program content
The program is focused on understanding the updated ICF core competencies that are the foundations of effective coaching. The course is extremely interactive and based on activities, discussions and real life examples. Participants will practice every competency that will be taught in class and experience its impact from different angles – coach, client and observer – during coaching dojos.

Program structure
The program is structured in three modules. Each of them is articulated in 10 x 2 hrs sessions for a total of 64 hours:

  • 7 sessions on core competencies – 1 hr of theory and 1 hr of practice
  • 1 session on a recording review
  • 2 sessions on coaching practice with written feedback. 

Each session will be run in Zoom and we will leverage Miro as our collaboration tool. All sessions will be recorded.
In addition to that, participants will get access to 4 hrs of asynchronous learning and have the opportunity to listen to advanced coaching sessions.

The topics of our three modules will be articulated as follows. 

Module 1 

  • The coaching mindset
  • Active listening
  • Powerful questioning
  • The coaching agreement
  • The structure of a coaching conversation
  • Evoking awareness
  • Evoking client growth

Module 2

  • Direct communication
  • Building trust and safety
  • Maintaining presence
  • Co-creating the relationship
  • Powerful observations
  • Managing progress
  • Beginning and ending in partnership

Module 3

  • Coaching tools
  • Working with Saboteurs
  • Coaching conflict
  • Working with metaphors
  • The client and his systems
  • Establishing yourself as a coach
  • ICF code of ethics.

Who should attend
This program is suitable for whoever wants to start a professional coaching journey and help other people to grow: team and organisational coaches, agile coaches, people managers, leaders, therapists, teachers, HR professionals, etc. 
There are no pre-requirements to attending this program.

This program is a pilot and after its completion will be accredited with ICF. Once accredited, students will receive a certificate that will fulfil
ICF ACC training requirements for the ACSTH path. This program does not include mentor coaching. 

What participants say about this course

"I could not have asked for a better instructor and mentor than Lucia. She provides a great balance of support and challenge. Lucia offers a wealth of resources through and outside of the class to grow your coaching skills. She provided great insights into our coaching strengths and opportunities. By the end of the class, we were all well versed in the coaching competency markers. Lucia surpassed my expectations in what a coaching course could offer."
Mark Spitzer
Agile Coach (Texas, USA)
"I’ve had the most rewarding experience with Lucia as our instructor. Her teaching has helped me build my coaching skills and I am very great full for her expertise, patience and consistency that she brought to each session!"
Arushi Bhardwaj
Agile Coach (Washington DC, USA)
"Lucia ran a life changing course that saw me learn new skills to apply in and outside of work. The course was very interactive and requires you to turn up and participate. It was a 9 month commitment, with each class leaving me feeling energised and motivated to put my new coaching skills into practice."
Thomas Roberts
Agile Coach (United Kingdom)
"I had the opportunity to do my coaching course with Lucia. Lucia is an excellent trainer, with a great pace, and a fantastic teaching style. This course is definitely a life-changing one and I would highly recommend it."
Achilles Chatzianastassiou
Agile Coach (United Kingdom)
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