Course description 
Your success as a leader in an Agile organisation requires looking beyond Agile itself. It requires a deep understanding of your organisation and your own leadership path. To equip you for this journey, you will gain a strong foundation in understanding organisational culture. From there, you will learn key organisation and leadership models that will allow you to understand how your organisational culture really works. Now you are ready to start the journey! You will learn about organisational growth – how you may foster lasting change in your organisation. Key is understanding how it invites change in a complex system. You will also learn about leadership – how you may show up more effectively, and how to help others.

Course content
The teaching approach is innovative and interactive: it is based on activities, games and discussions.
The key topics that are covered are:
– Overcome key Agile challenges
– Create the context for a high-performance organisation
– Connect leadership behaviours with organisational culture
– Foster an “agile” 
organisation aligned with the Agile Mindset
– Work more effectively as a manager and with managers
– Redefine effective executive leadership
– Engage people to create high-performance organisational culture
– Evolve culture at all levels of the organisation
– Use key practices for leading lasting organisational growth
– See causes of resistance and mitigate them
– Have key conversations to clarify what is desired Enhance your own leadership skills.

Who should attend
This leadership class is ideal for anyone who manages a team or has direct reports under them.
Executives – Clearing the way and giving a true mandate to change for more effective product development lies within your power. Certified Agile Leadership training education will equip you to play your crucial role of executive buy-in and fully embrace and support an agile transformation.
Management – Managers are often caught in the middle. On one hand you have teams trying to respond to change and develop the right product at the right quality as quickly as possible. On the other hand, executive, upper management and, let us be honest, existing corporate culture are robbing decision-making power from the people closest to the work. The CAL program will help you effectively clear blocks against moving toward agility in your organisation.
Agile Coaches/Consultants – You know your work is cut out for you so that we are not just orchestrating change theatre. Nobody wants to be involved in a flopped agile transformation. CAL training can help you charge the path to help organisations transform their existing culture toward in agile

Raquel Silva started her Agile journey in 2012, works as an Agile Coach in the financial sector and has, among other certifications from Scrum Alliance: CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CTC. Instructor for ICAgile,  Certified Agile Leadership & Path to CSP Educator.

Lucia Baldelli is a Certified Enterprise & Team Coach with two decades of experience in Agile Transformations and a genuine passion for Professional Coaching. She works with leaders, teams and organisations and helps them achieve their goals and go beyond what they think possible.

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